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Review of YourNight.com

by on 02/03/10 at 3:22 am

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you probably know that I’m a fan of social networking. As the social networks grow, they have all done their best from a retention standpoint by integrating with one another. In this post, I’m doing a review of YourNight.com, a new social network that not only includes integration with other platforms, but also breaks apart friend, family, professional, and dating profiles, providing increased privacy and laser-sharp prospect targeting.

A Review of the YourNight.com User Interface

Blah. It’s not much to look at, at least at first glance. The user experience is simply, but the design elements have a quite a way to go to catch up to Facebook or LinkedIn. Once acclimated, navigating isn’t too difficult. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out all the things I could do on the site and to fully understand what the heck the site is for. There were a few bugs here and there, which it to be expected from a Beta version.

Overall, I give the User Interface a C+

Product Features Review

Here are the features I really liked about YourNight.com:

  • Privacy between friends, family, & professional profiles
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others (via Widgets)
  • Ease of sign-up and sign-in (though I wish it would keep me logged in between sessions)
  • Upgrade membership is only $10/mo.
  • There’s a mysterious “Business Reviews” section in the Commerce profile section (link juice?)

Here are the features I did not really liked about YourNight.com:

  • Banner advertising in the sidebar was annoying (if I’m paying, don’t advertise to me)
  • User interface needs a 2010 upgrade (replicate Facebook or LinkedIn will ya?)
  • Widgets for the other social networks were integrated in the UI, but there was no way to syndicate an update to all destinations at once
  • I’m skeptical on the MLM piece and think many users will be turned off by it. I think this should be optional and transparent, and less emphasized
  • Why do I have to login every time I open a new browser?

Review Summary

The newest social network, YourNight.com may be a little clunky (it is still in beta), but between the privacy and multi-profiles, the platform integration, and the low membership cost, I think the site has potential. I will be watching sign-ups, usage data, and interactions as well as keeping an eye out for “Platinum” profiles, whatever they are.

What’s your take on the website? Please share your opinion of YourNight.com below.



Apr 4th, 2010

I attended their first webinar, being the're only five weeks old. I thought the concept of being able to make good money while you have 5 privacy sections for a businness person is great. You have a personnel profile, business where you can do all the advertising you want, one can be for dating, and another one for friends. Idon't know about you, but I lke my posts to be private. And that profile you were questioning? That's a shopping profile, where when you shop at retail stores, such as Overstock.com, walmmart, Best Buy, etc, you get 20% off being a member & the person who referred makes a commission on that two.

There are only 2 levels you need to think about. One is free, the other is Gold which is only $10.00 a month. By promoting this to your list, you can be making well over 90,00 a month by just having 5 of your referrals turn gold. They even have a calculator on board so you can check out the numbers yourself.

I for one, think this is going to be a big hit, I belong to several social sites, and I must say, I'll be using Your Night.com as my primary site! And I'm not even a gold member yet, I was on my way to do this, when I read your article & had to comment.

greg adams

Apr 18th, 2010

forgot my user name and password can you send it to me please

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