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Social Networking

Review of YourNight.com

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you probably know that I’m a fan of social networking. As the social networks grow, they have all done their best from a retention standpoint by integrating with one another. In this post, I’m doing a review of YourNight.com, a new social network that not […]

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Social Community Manager

A friend of ours on Twitter recently asked about a Tweet we posted regarding not wanting to have the job of Social Community Manager (SCM), so we thought it prudent to write a post on the topic of Social Networking and hiring a part-time or dedicated SCM. Why Hire a Social Community Manager? If you […]

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Chitika’s Social Networking Campaign

Pay-Per-Click Content Network Chitika is going die-hard on a social campaign to improve their market reach, but will it work, and if so, will it last? Below is an excerpt from the email we just received: We are holding a Twitter contest to try and spread the word about our upcoming SearchAppalooza competition. The winner […]

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CTR and Title Tag Principles

One of the principles I discussed above involves the number of times your website appears for a given search term and number of clicks to your website(called an impression). The ratio of clicks divided by impressions is referred to as Click-Through Rate, or CTR. If searchers find your listing in the organic search results and […]

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The Power of Twitter (Ashton Kutcher Case Study)

How powerful would it be if you could get a celebrity such as Ashton Kutcher, who has over 30k followers in Twitter, to link to your website from a “Tweet”? One of our clients, the Abolish Slavery Coalition, recently received nearly 2,000 visits from the social network Twitter, with over 73 percent sourced to Ashton […]

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The Best Delicious Bookmark Profile

You can see the theme behind everything we are doing here at SEOExpert.tv. Our goal is provide you with the best tools possible to achieve the greatest results. In doing so, we have constructed what we believe to be the Best Delicious Bookmark Profile page: http://delicious.com/seoexpert Expand the Tag Bundles to see how we have […]

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Customize a Twitter Background

This is more of a Social Networking strategy than it is an SEO strategy. However, in the video I created to discuss How to Customize a Twitter Background, you will hear me mention how to find my website in Google’s search results. Those who test my claim will undoubtedly click my listing thereby increasing my […]

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