When to Start an SEO Campaign

by on 05/02/09 at 11:32 pm

So you’re thinking of including Search Engine Optimization in your online marketing strategy, but aren’t sure when to start? We’ll make this easy for you: start as early as possible. By starting an SEO campaign too late in the gain, you risk paying additional dollars to the web developer to “re-engineer” the structure of your website and/or custom content management solution.

Most of our clients come to us with their projects BEFORE they hire a web development firm so that we can be the architects of a successful SEO strategy. Some clients already have an IT Department, but lack the experience in SEO to apply the right best practices, so we simply provide the blueprint and guidance to the IT team to help them take all the right steps in making the website search engine-friendly and the content optimized for higher placement in search results.

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