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Steve Wiideman's review of Google's State of the Index Presentation
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State of the Google Index 2009

by on 01/27/10 at 3:29 am

It’s easy to get so caught up on the day to day routine of consulting, optimizing, analyzing, bidding, writing, and theming, that we often forget to keep up to date with what’s going on in search. I finally had an opportunity to watch the State of the Index video by Matt Cutts (above) and just realized how much good stuff I’ve been missing out on.

For instance, thanks to the new Google Onebox 2.0, I don’t have to scroll through miles of really lame lyrics websites. You know, those websites created by some nobody who wanted to get attention so they started cataloging lyrics to get placement in the search results (yes, the same guys who now host AdSense for revenue and garbage for content). A quick query for “Aerosmith Mama Kin” produced the following results for me.

Click the image below to rock out for a minute in Google SERPS (I did) or continue on.

Google Onebox 2.0

Next came Google Squared, a blatant sign to developers to tag the living heck out of your content with RDFa XHTML markup for wicked indexing potential in 2012.

Wonder Wheel is a new tool in the the Options Panel, a great way to get more keyword ideas. It’s built in Flash and provides a brainstorming type model for doing keyword research.

For Developers, Matt talked about the new Google Speed section of Google, built to help Developers “speed up the Web”. Sound familiar? The last time we heard this was back in March of 2008, when they announced the importance of load time to the AdWords Quality Score algorithm. Since that time, Google has produce even more supportive documentation to help users improve load time, such as this AdWords Help page.

Matt continued to discuss the introduction of the Canonical URL, parameter handlers, and being able to Fetch as Googlebot. Matt also recognized that Google outright stated that they do not use the keywords meta tag, which we’ve all known for years, but had never been officially announced.

Thanks Matt for the great wrap up, for Google Webmaster Central and for being our liaison to Google for getting better placement in the Google search results. Despite all the negative things people say and all the skepticism people have about what Google is willing to share, I am remain a huge fan with nothing but trust in your words. I have yet to see one instance of a test result that contradicted a statement you made and will therefore keep GWH as my Chrome homepage (iGoogle Apps version is my Fx; ain’t gonna change it).

Looking forward to a great 2010 in search!

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