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Reintroducing site to Google search results

by on 09/02/09 at 4:01 am

When you have a high ranking site on Google, you can check for backlinks to see the sites that are linking back to yours. If your site or the backlinks do not appear on the Google search results, this may be caused by accessing issues.

You may first need to go to your Webmaster Tools account, a Google account for link building. On the Overview page, you can see updates when Googlebot last accessed your home page site. You can also check for crawling errors. Whether your server was unavailable or busy when accessed, you would be sent an Unreachable URL error message. If there is no problem with your URLs, go to Tools and click on Analyze robots.txt, which lets you check if your site is formatted properly and only blocking some parts of your website that you do not want Google to crawl.

If there is no problem accessing your site, check your Webmaster Tools inbox, where you can get details related to your account and the websites your administer. Once Google detects something wrong with your site, it will send you a message detailing instructions on how to fix it to bring it to compliance with the Webmaster guidelines. But if there is no message from Google, then you may have violated any of the guidelines. To check the guidelines, go to Google.com/webmasters.guidelines.html under Creating a Google-friendly Site and further under My Site in Google.

If your site is in violation of any of the guidelines, you can submit a request for reconsideration. Before that, fix and make changes for your site. Then, submit a request by logging on to Webmaster Tools account, click on Tools and Request Reconsideration. Follow the instructions and write an explanation on what went wrong with your website and what you’ve done to fix it.

Once sent, you will be sent a message from Google about the confirmation that it has received your request. Google will then review your site for compliance of the webmaster guidelines.

If you’re still unsure why Google is not recognizing your site, go to the Google Webmaster Help Group, where you will find people who will give you suggestions in fixing your site.

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