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Optimizing blog posts

by on 09/07/09 at 4:12 am

Search engine optimization or seo is still fresh to the ears for most bloggers especially for new bloggers. So what is seo? It is the method of increasing the quality of traffic to a website or blog from search engines evident in the search results of browsers. If the site appears in the first page of the search results, the more visits it will obtain from the search engine. And with the popularity of blogs, more aspiring users are posting blogs to sell their content. However, many bloggers have still no idea on blog optimization.

The thing about blog hosts is that these sites assume bloggers know the fundamentals of SEO. So here are some basic tidbits on how to optimize your blog. It’s pretty tiresome initially, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be satisfied of the benefits you’ll receive from blog optimization. Now, think of yourself as net surfer browsing in the net for information. Generally most users rely on search engines like Google to find specific contents aside from typing the website address, and in doing so they type keywords to find potential websites in the directory. This means that in order your blog to gain lots of visits; it must appear at the first page of the browser. Now this is the significance of knowing about seo because there are blog optimization strategies that make sure your blog is at frontline of every search. And the ticket to that is to find the right keyword and maximize them in your content.

Blog optimization is easy; find potential good keyword phrases for your article. You can find many keyword selecting tools in search engines as well, so use them to your disposal. Now type and enter a word that relates to your blog article. You will see a long list of keyword phrases. Once you see the list, pick keyword phrases that are located somewhere at the middle of the list or the least popular. Bear in mind, popular the key word; the more competitors you will have with your blog. At this stage, you are surveying your competitors with the selected keyword phrase. Use the keyword and enter them in Google and open the sites or blogs that are displayed in the top sites. Now press and hold the ctrl button and press ‘F’ to find specific words in the page. Type the selected keyword and click the highlight below the navigation bar. There you will see the number of keywords used in the page, and that will be your basis in judging your competitors. The lesser number of keywords, the weaker their seo. Finally, capitalize by displaying your keyword phrase on your blog article page lots of times. After a week or two, you will see the results.

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