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Online and viral marketing for businesses

by on 09/03/09 at 3:41 am

Putting up an online business can be done in various ways. Initially, startup businesses begin with gathering big brands to support them. They also need to develop the right product that is most marketable to the public. And by Word of Mouth – social buzz, blog, social media marketing and more – businesses can get noticed easily.

Primarily, startup companies have to be aware that establishing a web-based business takes time. During the process they can get big names, such as a famous brand or a spokesperson, in the business to back them up. For instance, Google.com spent almost three to four year before they were internationally known.

Businesses also need to product goods that the public is interested in. In a way, people need to “fall in love” with the company product, as stated by Pathconnect.com chief executive officer Ryan Blair. And in doing so, he said, it would take some amount of time.

Viral Marketing or Word of Mouth strategy is another way of getting recognized in the industry. It is a marketing strategy that comprises of grassroots, cause influencers, social media marketing, social buzz and blog, which are highly-prized by product dealers. These factors can be the foundation of online businesses in selling their products, which need to be distinctive and “awesome,” as the senior vice president of Network Solutions Stephanie Leffner said.

For a business like Flavor Pill, which is an open network of connected people, they survived for two years without holding revenue because it was not in to the idea of having small advertisers promoting its product. This marketing strategy may not be usually practiced, but it is certainly a good start when a company defines its strategy earlier in its establishment.

Another means of getting companies going is through the convertible debt structure, a type of financing that converts into equity. What makes this structure good is that businesses need not give up so much equity. Ryan Blair, who is also a business consultant, favors this form of debt since it aligns the investor and entrepreneur together.

Lastly, turning to the Yellow Pages is also effective. But it relies on the type of local business involved as well as the demographic intention. The Internet is more preferable to use especially if the business is nonlocal and aims on a younger audience.

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