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How to Measure ROI on a Link Building Campaign
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Measuring ROI on Link Building

by on 05/13/09 at 1:47 am

Why pay for an advertising service without a way to measure ROI? It must be a tough gig being a Link Builder during these hard times where the bottom line is absolutely critical. In this video and short post, we’ll show you how to measure ROI on link building services so you can create a business case to keep a link building campaign running at all times.

Step One: Benchmark Your Keywords

Figure out which keywords mean the most to your business in terms of dollars. Look at your PPC Advertising results, dig into your Google Analytics and pick 20-30 keywords you want to measure. Create a benchmark of how much revenue those 20-30 terms currently generate for you.

Step Two: Build Links for Six Months

Build targeted links for up to six months before measuring the results. Be tactful of where and how you are acquiring links. Always use variations rather than let the search engines see dozens of identical link text in inbound links to your website.

Get links from relevant organizations that share information about content on the pages you want to rank well for in the search results. Think “White Hat” and be sure your links are natural and from relevant sources.

Step Three: Measure Your Results

After six months of tactful, passive, link building, dive back into your Google Analytics (or other not as cool web analytics program) and extract revenue data for the last 6 months (or lead data, which you will have to tie a value to) on ONLY the keywords included in your link building strategy.

Do the math. If you spent $500 per month on link building, you should have AT LEAST $3k in new revenue to show for it, or be on pace in terms of growth to pass the $3k break even point.

Learning how to measure ROI on a link building campaign doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just know what keywords you are building links toward and measure your results after a reasonable amount of time.

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