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Watch this video showing an example on how to make a Wordpress blog search-engine friendly
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Making WordPress blog search-engine friendly

by on 09/07/09 at 4:28 am

Today, many novice bloggers desire to reach the type popularity of millions of professional bloggers have reached. Now at first blogging seems simple. You can type down anything that interest you from opinions, facts, entertainment, etc; sky is the limit when it comes to content whether fresh or old. WordPress is one of the popular blog publishing application; but ultimately, the hurdle of most bloggers today is blog search optimization. And many bloggers prioritize in placing desired contents in the first page in google.

One problem is the duplicate content. Duplicate content is a word used in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) to explain a particular situation wherein content of a page shows in multiple web pages. In other words, various pages with the same content appear in the search engines’ page. In most cases like Google, it prefers to display only one of those pages in their search results. Why is this a problem? If you send the same articles to multiple sites, search engines quickly identify the duplicate content and you don’t obtain the utmost benefit from your submissions. The same goes when you opt for seo wordpress.

Now here are some blog search optimization tips for seo wordpress. After finishing your draft, consider the main concern in seo wordpress and that is the Google bot. the Google bot is a search bot software that gathers documents from the web to generate a searchable index for the Google search engine. However, it’s not always the case. To put it simply the google bot is like a toddler, the simpler the users’ tasks them, the easier they do when managing the users’ files. In other words you have to structure your content efficiently in order for the bot to understand. Now suppose you made a “movie review blog.” Now movies have several genres and so you have to classify so that the google bot won’t have a hard time searching it. In other words when you are sorting your content, categorize them as simple as possible, or in this case Action, Romance, and Comedy. Now if you want the google bot to search the main body of your content and not include the other features or dates, use the robot.txt file to block particular sections from google bot. Now that’s all there is in basic blog search optimization. Just bear in mind, a good seo wordpress is organizing your blog as simple as possible.

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