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LeedsMattress.com Not Search Engine Friendly? Learn Why Here.
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Leeds Mattress Not Optimized for Search?

by on 05/18/09 at 8:07 am

He’s “Neil with the Deal, and he won’t be beat!”, unless of course you are optimizing your website for mattress search terms in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We performed an SEO Review of what we consider to be the worse website we’ve seen in 2009. LeedsMattress.com has structured it’s way to the top of our Worse of 2009 List, with an array of focal points too unbearable to discuss (except for us).

Check out this laundry list of obstacles that may be the reason LeedsMattress.com has lost so much traffic this year, while their competitors are seeing massive increases in web traffic. For example, SitnSleep.com is up nearly 220% for the year, while LeedsMattress.com is down nearly 12%. See the Compete.com data below to see for yourself.

SEO Obstacle List (Some of Many We Found)

  1. Use of a Splash Page
  2. Use of Frames
  3. Use of Image-Based Navigation
  4. Not Redirecting non-www Prefix Domain
  5. Poor Use of Title and Meta Tag Fields
  6. Late 90’s Style Design with Little Call-to-Action
  7. Non-SEO-Friendly eCommerce Solution
  8. No robots.txt File or Static Sitemap Pages Found

Compete.com Data for Mattress Stores in LA

Compete Data for LeedsMattress.com

Remedy Need Quickly

Calling all SEO’s, you’ve got one heck of a great lead on your hands. Though good luck actually connecting with “the man”. We’ve emailed him twice in the last two years with no response. You’ll have to start by calling a local office, then asking for the number to the corporate office. If you’re lucky enough to get it, you’ll probably get thrown to someone named Henry who will tell you that Neil Leeds actually handles ALL of his own advertising. No wonder he’s blowing all his ad dollars on TV, radio and billboards. Someone should show Mr. Leeds the Compete.com table above (if you can reach him).

This is your SEOExpert.tv Team….signing off!

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