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Watch this video demonstrating online marketing methods to increase site traffic
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Killer tips to getting more traffic to website

by on 09/03/09 at 3:24 am

Out of the many ways you can build more site traffic, there are three methods that are usually used in doing so. These are through purchasing traffic, obtaining links and writing articles.

Purchasing traffic is considered as the quickest means to link users to your site. You can use Google in buying traffic. Under the Advertising Programs link, it presents you instructions on how you can generate ads for your site on Google.com, including some help and video tutorials. Simply log in and fill in the required information, deposit a certain amount of money from you credit card and now you can start your traffic purchasing efforts based on the adverts individuals click on.

Obtaining links from other sites is as well effective to build more traffic. The process involves checking how many websites are linking back to your website by typing in on a search engine site, like Google.com, “links: (name of your website).” With that, you can earn more traffic coming from websites linking to yours while you get a higher ranking on Google for the particular keyword/s that links to your website. It follows this equation: more sites linking to your site equals better ranking on the search engine. Also, you develop a more direct traffic from every website as well as greater traffic from other search engines.

In addition to getting links, you have to look for sites with the same topic but not in direct competition to yours. You can link to them and contact them requesting to link to your website. Your site will increasingly build more traffic from the sites you’ve contacted and get a knock-on effect from various search engines. Although getting link backs don’t happen overnight, it costs your time and not your money.

Finally, you can write articles about your site through the free article website called ArticleCity.com. When posting articles about the contents of your site, other sites related to yours may need such articles to include to their sites. In your article, you need to put an author biography box below the article with a link to your site so they can access its main source. If they find your site relevant, they will link to it and you gain more traffic.

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