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How to Create Google Breadcrumbs

by on 03/22/10 at 8:59 pm

How to Install Breadcrumbs NavXT for WordPress

Watch the SEO video above to see how I created Google Breadcrumbs on this and other websites using a nifty WordPress plugin called Breadcrumbs NavXT. Kudos to Jim from WebsiteMarketingGuru.com for the video below explaining how to identify and benefit from the enhancement in the search results:

The obvious benefit is faster click-to-conversion ratios. Now users can navigate your website directly from the natural search engine results. This evolution in indexing comes with the improvement in website taxonomy (directory/category structures). For those of you old school SEO’s who think that a flat taxonomy is still the way to go, all I have to say is neener, neener, neener.

To try the exercise in the SEO video above, simply install or update your WordPress blog with the plugin mentioned at the beginning of this post and you’re on your way. For most best practices on optimizing WordPress, download my new Free SEO eBook, entitled “SEO in a Day”. Or just do a Google search for “free SEO eBook”, you know what position to find me in (brag, brag).

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