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Watch this video explaining the rules set by Google Webmaster as well as steps in link building
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Guidelines in Google Webmaster

by on 09/09/09 at 1:26 am

The Google webmaster offers several guidelines on how to build links the right way. Following these Google webmaster guidelines will help the search engine to easily find, index and rank you website. These quality guidelines outline a number of illicit practices that can cause the webmaster to be penalized or have the site removed from the entire Google index. The Google webmaster guidelines offer tips regarding the technicalities, design and content of your site.

According to the Google webmaster, ther first thing for you to do when your site is ready is to submit it to http://www.google.com/addurl.html. Afterwards, you can submit a Sitemap by using Google Webmaster Tools. The sitemap is needed for Google to learn more about your site’s structure as well as to increase its coverage on your webpages.

As for the design and content of your site, Google webmaster suggests that you make a site that has a clear hierarchy and text links. Each page must be accessed from at least one static text link. I is also a good idea to provide your users with a site map and links that directs them to the more important parts of your site.

Apart from the design and content of your site’s pages, Google also provides a few Google webmaster guidelines regarding the most common forms of misleading practices used by other websites. The four basic principles regarding quality include making pages primarily for users and not for search engines, avoiding tricks that are intended to improve your rank in the search engines, not participating in link schemes that are designed to boost pagerank, as well as not using  unauthorized computer programs to check rankings, submit pages and things like that.

The Google webmaster also provides guidelines about the other concerns you have with your sites. And since Google is one of the best search engines, it would be quite smart for you to follow what the Google webmaster says.

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