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Watch this video to learn ways in getting backlinks from a specific set of keywords
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Getting keyword-specific backlinks

by on 09/02/09 at 4:11 am

Getting backlinks is easy but it takes time and patience. Right after using Social Bookmarking from Google to recognize your site, it is time to get the rest of the neighborhood to become aware of its existence. To get a link back from enthusiasts or people who are interested in your specific topic or niche, you need to find the sites where they discuss related topics. Where there is an opportunity to discuss or comment, there is also an opportunity to put your URL or link and to get a link back so long as you are contributing to the community. Spamming through blogs and discussion boards is no way to go.

Here are ways on how to get backlinks from contributing to an online discussion.

You can start with Google Groups, groups.google.com. There, you can search for forums that tackle on the topics you want. You can subscribe to this group if you log in and, as easy as that, you can now join the community. You can also receive emails when the keyword related to your site is mentioned.

Aside from Google Groups, you can join other forums from other sites. For instance, in a site’s blog, after you comment on the article you can include your signature at the bottom part, where you include the URL to your site. As much as possible, you need to join in on discussions that are high ranking in Google. The higher the rank, the higher the authority. And the higher the authority, the more power and opportunities are provided for backlinks.

It is very important that you perform the method ethically and ecologically. By commenting on high ranking sites including 5 links each day for a couple of hours, you can get backlinks easily.

Backlink checking, which finds out the number of pages that are linking back to you, is as well important to get a view of your ranking in the search engine. You can perfrom backlink checking by typing in your keyword on search engine Google, for instance, and keying in “site:(your website).” On the right side, you will see the estimated number of pages linking to your site.

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