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Watch this video showing demonstration on acquiring free backlinks from established websites
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Getting backlinks from established websites

by on 09/09/09 at 1:45 am

Apart from the black hat type of Backlink Strategy, EDU and GOV backlinks can also be acquired using another backlink strategy known as the white hat method. This white hat method, which can also pass for link building campaign, is one of the easiest ways to obtain more EDU and GOV backlinks.

These EDU and GOV backlinks are basically coming from a number of various forms that allows you to create a signature. After you’ve created a signature, you are also entitled to leave a relevant comment to that form before it becomes approved and posted.

Normally, these EDU and GOV backlinks do not carry more weight than any average top level domain. Although in some cases they do. Usually, that happens because there are a couple of EDU and GOV sites that have the tendency to become endorsed more often. As a result, that specific EDU or GOV site would then carry more weight as compared to a top level domain which is under promoted.

To step to starting this type of link building campaign, is to select a number of EDU and GOV forums for you to post on. If you need any assistance with that, you can go to DanielMillions.com were you can find a few hundred EDU and GOV forums. Once you’ve selected a handful, the next thing for you to do is to add your site’s link to the signature you’ve created and start posting.

However, there is a downside to this type of link building campaign. The thing with this particular backlink strategy is that most of the forums you’ve posted your signature and link into has the tendency to use the “nofollow” attribute leaving you the extra work of having to sift through those forums by looking at their sources.

In addition to that, you must keep in mind not to post spam otherwise your account would be banned. In order to become noticed, it is advisable that you post relevant contents to the forum.

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