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Finding hot industries in niche marketing

by on 09/01/09 at 4:29 pm

Starting a business online is easy once you know which specific portion of the market you should focus on. Niches are really everywhere. If you are in the right mindset, ideas just stream out of nowhere. The internet is home to lots of possibilities. There are a lot of free and available tools on the Internet that could help you brainstorm new ideas.

One of the best places to get some ideas is Google Trends. This site is a great tool for niche research since it provides a list of all the hot things that are being searched daily. The site compiles the top hundred searches for the day.

Another site that helps people with niche marketing and niche research is Digg.com. This is one of those social bookmarking sites that serves as a place where people can post news stories and vote for the ones they like. The site ranks the stories that earn the most number of votes. If the story is important or relevant enough to be on top of the list then a lot of people are interested on it. This is what makes Digg.com a good place to do niche research since it gives you an idea on what people are interested about.

Finally there’s Ebay.com, a place familiar to all online shoppers since it is one of the most popular Internet marketing sites. Aside from being a venue where a lot of people buy and sell stuff, anyone can also use Ebay for niche marketing ideas. The site posts a list of the most popular searches in its categories section. So people can use this site to find out what’s actually selling. Ebay Pulse and Ebay Pulse Index are two of the site’s great tools, which assist affiliate marketers to find hot markets.

In general, people can go Google trends to find out what people are searching for everyday. They can go to Digg.com to see what news stories interest everybody and Ebay to find out what stuff sells.

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