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Watch this video as it demonstrates creating RSS Feed from tagged YouTube videos
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Creating RSS Feed from YouTube videos

by on 09/01/09 at 4:12 pm

Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary or more commonly known as RSS is a content format for headlines, distributing news and more. Creating RSS feeds for your website can enable your viewer to subscribe to the contents of your site. This is what most popular sites and blogs do. If you are keen on updating the contents of your blog or site, these RSS feeds can help drive steady traffic.

RSS feeds can also be used by other people as contents on their site. You can look for another webmaster who may have a particular interest in your feed and then post your content on his/her site using a javascript code.

There are a number of blog platforms that automatically creates RSS feeds. However, for static websites, you need to create RSS feeds manually. You can do some great things if you can find good RSS feeds. Unless you like writing XML by hand, you can try using some type of software.

After the process of creating RSS feeds, the XML file can now be uploaded to your web server. For your convenience, it is advisable for you to look for a software that automatically converts you RSS feed into the XML format so you won’t have to worry about any additional coding or formatting. The URL will then serve as the link to your RSS feed.

You can also go to several websites that provides a redirect URL for your RSS feed. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to advertise feed on your site.

One good thing about using creating RSS feeds and using them is that you can save yourself from worrying about losing your subscribers because your redirect URL stay the same even as your RSS feed URL changes. Also, it pays to look for sites that provide various methods of announcing RSS feeds. You can either display a conventional RSS button or rotate your RSS feeds in a banner style. There are more varieties available online. Whichever method you choose, using RSS feeds will surely bring more steady traffic to your site or blog.

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