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Watch this SEO video pointing out techniques on getting linkbait everyday
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Create Daily Linkbait

by on 08/29/09 at 9:28 am

Linkbait is another way to get links on the Net. It is any content in a site that pleases the desires and interests of perspective consumers in the market. It lures the consumers into putting their links to the page. Linkbaiting has the potential to be a very useful tool in marketing since it is viral in nature.

One of the most common and effective linkbait techniques is informational and news hooks. These hooks supply details that visitors may find helpful to their sites. Such information may be how-tos and tips, any personal thoughts or experiences that readers can relate to or even news on current events or announcements from businesses.

An example of linkbaiting is writing a blog or article containing an instructional guide or information on news. If you want people to be interested in your site, you must first find an article that is interesting, up-to-date and related to your site.  Once you’ve found one, don’t just rephrase or summarize what has already been said in the article, find another angle or topic that is related to it and post away. Be sure to keep the topic of your article attractive, well-researched and well-formatted to get people to talk about it to others.

One of the ways to attract more readers to your article is through eye-catching headings. You can also have appealing pictures included in your page. You can get such tools from iStockPhoto, Flickr and other photography websites.

Soon enough, with your article or blog topic that has been taken to the next level, will be a hit for numerous site visitors and readers. When they leave comments, chances are, they also leave their sites so you can link back to them. But you need to continue writing articles for your site to get more links. These articles or blogs per se are the “bait” for you to gather links.

Other forms of linkbaiting are:

* humor hooks,
* tool hooks,
* evil hooks and
* widgets hooks.

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