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See How InstantPresenter Turned Our First Webinar into a Success!
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Conversions and Great Webinar Software

by on 01/14/10 at 9:06 pm

Aaron Irizarry Presents How to Turn Visits to Leads

Big thanks to Local Splash who sponsored the first of many webinars we’ll be doing in 2010. Click the image above to watch the event as though you were attending. It was our first, so unfortunately the recording started a few minutes late.

I will be talking more about conversions tomorrow at LocalSplash.com, since it’s the theme of the week. For now, I’d like to thank the folks at InstantPresenter.com. I spend half a day trying to find good webinar software.

Why I Chose InstantPresenter (for Life)

Adobe Connect

Adobe was way too expensive, had too many plugins and didn’t allow for many participants. The signup process was clunky and they were really trying to get you on the phone to sell you more features (nickle and dime you). Adobe Connect required updated software on your computer and did not have an easy setup process whatsoever.

Yugma Pro

From all the reviews I had read, Yugma was the way to go. Had it installed and ready and during a practice run with family realized that there is NO AUDIO. The .mov recording was a massive file that downloaded with no audio, so if I wanted to host the video somewhere, I’d have to do a voice over and try to remember my discussions verbatim.


This one was fun until people started writing all over my presentation with the whiteboard, which is apparently set to ON by default. I also didn’t have streaming video.

Then There Was InstantPresenter

Nothing invoked the WOW as much as InstantPresenter. Check this out:

  • Ease of use: A+
  • Software to install: NONE
  • Video: Yes X 100 (hello HQ Video Plugin – WOW!)
  • Cost: $149 for 200 participants (fair pricing)
  • Customer Support: Read below
  • Surveys, polls, registration forms: Yes and easy too!

I signed up the night before the day we did a test run. Not 10 minutes before the scheduled 1st rehearsal did I get an email from InstantPresenter Support (Iain) asking how he could be of assistance. He jumps on the webinar with me, helps me amp up my video with the HQ Video Plugin (I still get hairs on the back of neck – watch the above), helps me configure my settings for the best possible experience AND sits in with me and the guys for a full demo on how to get the most from InstantPresenter.

So the day of the event arrives – TODAY (1/14/10). Iain made sure the Webcast Pro 200 Seats feature was there this time. Had to pay for the service the day before to get all the bells and whistles. We made sure to be online 30 minutes early in a Prep Room I setup to make sure all of our hardware and so forth was setup correctly. The experience was a little different with the Webcast mode on. Both Robert and Aaron appeared as Audience Member instead of their respective names. Panicking, I emailed Iain, who called me in 45 seconds FLAT and helped us get squared away. The problem was that we hadn’t Started the meeting AND that I blew it and didn’t share the access code (which I really shouldn’t have used anyway).

Within 5 minutes Aaron was in, we locked the room, got our presentation loaded and were ready to rock’n roll. Iain removed the password requirement, I started the session and registrants started flooding in. We had a FANTASTIC session, with great feedback. See a snippet from the survey below:

InstantPresenter is the Best Online Webinar Software Ever!

Our thanks goes out to InstantPresenter for providing an unparalleled platform for mind-blowing, visually stimulating, and esthetically flawless webinar software. Enjoy the link juice guys, you earned it!

InstantPresenter = A+ Webinar Software


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[…] See How InstantPresenter Turned Our First Webinar into a Success! […]

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