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Watch as Matt Cutts discusses common sense SEO Tips in USA Today
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Common sense SEO Tips

by on 08/26/09 at 4:05 am

Some initial SEO tactics that will let people know what your site is about includes figuring out what they are going to want to key in to find your site. Once you know what the users are keying in to reach you, use those keywords for your site. And make sure that there are plenty, but not too much, of keywords mentioned in your site.

One of the SEO tips that are useful for this is the utilization of title tags. This is what the user primarily sees when they search for pages and sites on Google.com. It also reveals a first impression of your website. A description tag is what summarizes the content of your site and is also important. When your tags make sense, there is no doubt that people will notice and visit your site.

One of the many SEO tactics suggested is to obtain links. That way, it will boost your rankings in the Google search results page. One of the best ways to get links is through good content blog writing. So long as you make your articles interesting to people, there are huge chances of them knowing who you are and what your site stands for. Participating in conversations and comments also increases the user’s interest in you and your business.

In driving your site to Google, you don’t need to pay the site or pay someone to pay the site to crawl websites because Google crawls them for free. One of the SEO tips you can use is to just let your site be noticed by Google and soon enough it will let your site crawl in. Buying ads from Google won’t rank your site higher in the search results since it will rank you equally with the rest of the sites.

Since Google refreshes its index each month to find new websites, it won’t take long for your site, provided that it has good content, to be included in Google. Another one of the SEO tactics you can do is to go to the Google Webmasters Page and submit your sitemap, containing a list of all the URLS in your website. This will help you find new URLS relevant to your site to make its way to the top of the search results page.

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