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Watch this video taking a more detailed look on landing page designs as explained in a webinar by Tim Ash
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Avoiding mistakes in landing page design

by on 09/01/09 at 4:44 pm

Landing page designs are a big factor to the effectiveness of a person’s overall online marketing activity. There are many ways how to create a landing page that would generate or increase income. Simple changes made in the landing page’s design can lead up to triple digit increases. Tim Ash, the president and chief executive officer of SiteTurners.com, has laid out seven of the most common seo mistakes people do and how to correct them.

Most Landing pages present an unclear call-to-options. This is one of the most common types of seo mistakes that lead people to confusion and frustration. Precious time is often wasted on deciding what to do within the page since most of landing pages are filled with various images that competes for the visitor’s attention. There is however a way to fix this mistake. Competing calls-to-action should be de-emphasized and the placement of call-to-action must be “above-the-fold”. It is also advisable to minimize the number of items that are competing for attention.

Tim Ash also advices individuals to use visual shortcuts and to group choices into smaller categories in order to fix the second most common landing page mistake which is having too many choices. Another factor that decreases the efficiency of a landing page is the inappropriateness of some forms. Some forms ask too much information. In order to increase efficiency, Tim Ash suggests landing pages to ask for only the required and necessary information.

Having too much text is also a no-no. Instead it is more efficient to shorten the texts within the page. Another thing that decreases the effectiveness of a page is its disconnection from the upstream ad promise. To fix this, individuals must repeat the keywords or ad-text on the page and provide clear access to information from the ad. Visual distractions can also decrease the page’s competence. It is much better to remove unnecessary colorful page elements and replace generic photos with relevant images. And finally, lack of credibility and Trust can also contribute to the inefficiency of the page. To counter this, it is advisable to prominently present well-known trust symbols, remove anxiety wit guarantees and policies as well as to use brands/logos/media coverage as badges.

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