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Watch this video as it explains the free methods to attract more site visitors
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Attracting site visitors without spending money

by on 09/03/09 at 3:08 am

There are many ways to obtain traffic to your site for free. The more methods you perform, the more visits you get from users.

Traffic exchange is where you go to view sites for a quantity of time. In turn, other people will view your site for the same quantity of time. You must first register an account for ClickThru.com and register another account on TrafficG.com. With the multiple tab add-on that web browsers now have, it lets you browse through numerous sites at a time, maximizing the number of website traffic exchange visitors. After signing up for these sites, include your website to the rotation and begin surfing. However, this is not the best means in attracting visitors to your site since this is time-consuming due to the long hours spent in surfing ads. But it does get a lot of traffic eventually.

You can also be attracting visitors and gaining website traffic through the Ezine Article Marketing. First off, write an article about your site and submit it to the Ezine Article Directory EzineArticles.com. Include at the bottom a short author biography and add your website. When other people find your article significant for their site, they can copy your article, including the author bio and URL, which links back to your site. Thus, you are getting traffic.

Another way to earn traffic is via the reciprocal link. This not only supplies a link back to your site, but this was also where your site was found by the Search Engine Spiders. The more link backs you get, then higher your ranking in the search engine results. To get a link back, send an email to the webmaster of the site that is related to yours and ask if he is interested in a link trade. Once confirmed, you can place the link to his website to yours and vice versa.

You can also gain traffic by:

* creating an e-mail signature with a link to your site,
* actively participating in forums,
* leaving comments on people’s blogs,
* informing your friends about your site and spread the word,
* including the URL at the back of your mail and
* posting your URL to classified sites.

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