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6 Common mistakes e-commerce sites make

by on 09/02/09 at 3:46 am

These are the common oversights of ecommerce business sites and some e-commerce tips:

* Weak and outdated web design. This will give a poor first impression for visitors. If your site looks like it was designed back in the 90s or outlandish compared to your competitors’ professional-looking site, then you need to maintain an up-to-date design that will attract more consumers. Poor design means poor conversions.
* One page contains all of the site’s products. You need to have a unique page for each of your product. Each ecommerce site has to have one page per product. Having all your products in one single page makes your site look small.
* Not communicating with your users. You have to provide comprehensive details describing each of your products and services on your site. If your site fails to include a sales copy on your pages, it is important to have one for your consumers so as to convince them to buy your goods and services.
* Hiding contact information. As a site owner, you need to put out your or your company’s contact details, including phone numbers, email address or even physical address, for the consumers to communicate with you on any concerns they might have. If you do not provide such information on your site, you might lose sales. It is also recommended that you put your contact details on each of your webpages.
* Failing to state the advantages of buying from your company. There is a need for you to give the details on the benefits of your products and services to your consumers.
* Ignoring Search Engine Optimization basics. This is costing e-commerce businesses a small fortune in lost income. Performing keyterm research and writing unique title tags for every product page are the basics as well as the essentials in SEO.

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