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21 Ways in driving free site traffic

by on 09/03/09 at 2:55 am

Traffic is among the most essential matter for all the bloggers and webmasters since without it, an informative website will be of no use. There are several means by which you can get good traffic. Although in some ways, there is money involved especially when you’re planning to buy traffic. There are also many free approaches for driving traffic.

For online methods, one way is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the most significant means for driving monthly traffic. If you can reach a high rank in search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google, there is no need to use any other method since the former traffic will be enough.

You can also write an E-book that is free for download. This will contain details on your site; its activities, products and services. Here, you can invite users to download, read and spread the word about your site. The best site to let someone write an E-book for you is through Elance.com.

Adding signature to your emails is another way of building traffic. You can include a URL of your site at the bottom of each of your emails.

Using an Autoresponder is as well effective since it attracts visitors to come back to your site in the future, after they have visited the first time.

Trading links with other sites, which are related to yours but not in direct competition, is limited to about 10 to 20 times since exceeding these limits can get your site banned or penalized.

Other ways in building traffic include: participating in forums, trading banners, writing articles about your site and submitting them to article directories and establishing a group at MSN, Google and Yahoo groups. Moreover, you can join traffic developing sites like TrafficSwarm.com, be an active member of social bookmarking websites, take part in Yahoo Answers and frequently leave comments on other weblogs.

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