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Watch Mike Murray talking about the 12 mistakes a webmaster should avoid
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12 SEO Campaign Killers

by on 08/28/09 at 6:01 am

SEO Campaign Killers and problems arise when you have the following:

1.One of the SEO campaign killers is the lack of training. It is best to have great knowledge in SEO; its language as well as the strategies involved. As studies show, there is a 38% increase in traffic within six months from in-house SEO efforts. However, in outside vendor SEO efforts, there is 110% increase in traffic since they have more knowledge and skill in the field.

2.Misdiagnosis of your search engine optimization feasibility. Factors that need to be considered for viability analysis are the age of your website, relevance of your keywords, amount of content, inbound links as well as the architecture.

3.Inadequate Return Of Investment (ROI) Strategy. You need to have an attractive-looking site, with a compelling call to action, visible contact information, shorter forms and the right automation, to get a good search engine optimization.

4.Wrong choice of keywords is among the SEO campaign killers. Often times, wrong keyphrases are used for websites. In order to correct this, you have to go after a mixed portfolio and check if your site is working well with the competing keyphrases or if you have to center on particular keywords.

5.Providing only a half-hearted effort. You cannot totally focus on SEO if you are also prioritizing the programming, designing, marketing, copywriting, link building and online PR of your site. Make SEO your primary target; the rest will be secondary.

6.Not supplying any link bait. Your website will be just like an empty house with no furnishings if you don’t have any of these included in your site: articles, guides, studies, white papers and/videos.

7.Neglecting the power of social networks is one of the SEO campaign killers. The Web is currently the best option to get your expertise out and contribute to the community. You can write a blog to let the public know who you are and what you’re site is about.

Other SEO campaign killers include a limited content for your site, a weak ranking analysis, the practice of stuffing, failing to aim for holistic approaches and ignoring the trends of the industry.

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