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Video Distribution Software

by on 12/24/08 at 6:34 am

Video is playing a powerful role in how people search for content and what they are looking for. Distributing and/or syndicating video to multiple websites, with a goal of increasing visibility to a target website, can channel traffic through search and through referral.

Tagged with the right keywords in the video title, description and other attributes, video distribution strategies can not only improve ranking, but could produce multiple placements within the various Universal Search platforms now offered by the search giants.

For instance, a search in Google for “westwood scammed me” brings up a negative website against the college, sponsored by a law firm. Continue down the page and you’ll find multiple placements of a positive website entitled “Westwood is Awesome”. Notice that many of the destinations are video-related.

TubeMogul.com is a popular video distribution software (SaaS versus client-based) that not only allows you to upload to a dozen or so destinations, but also provides tracking data. The drawback is the limited number of destinations as compared to what actually exists on the Web.

There are many client-based tools available that provide free video distribution software. Few, however, offer more than 10 different video sharing networks within the distribution list. The alternative is either using a spreadsheet and going in to each destination one at a time (takes about 16 hours depending on the size of the video. Or using a software like Video Wildfire. Here is a shameless affiliate link to this robust video distribution solution and its over 45 networks. It has it’s pros and cons, but is much better than manually distributing video.


pali Madra

Jan 26th, 2010

Where is the post? Am I missing something here?

Steve Wiideman

Jan 28th, 2010

Good catch – I've updated the post.

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