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SEO Software Review: Linkscape Vs WordTracker - the New Version
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Linkscape Vs the New WordTracker

by on 10/29/09 at 8:27 am

It’s coming. The new WordTracker keyword research tool is being announced tomorrow, but the site is already live. I used WordTracker loyally back in 2005 and had dozens of saved projects in their system until Trillian came along with their KeywordDiscovery.com system that was just plain easier than anything else I had worked with (including Good Keywords and few others).

Last year I became a die-hard fan of SEOMoz.org, and not just because Rand Fishkin’s (@randfish) tweets allowed me to escape reality for a few moments a day with his rock climbing in Iceland, driving on the Autobahn, and other incredible SEO-derived adventures. The SEOMoz.org Linkscape tool has revolutionized the way I research link anchor text (sorry Brad, SEOElite is a clunker as compared to Linkscape) and I trust the MozTrust more than I trust Google’s own PageRank.

So today I get this email that guides me to a page that tries to say that WordTracker is better because the new and improved Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) captures more link information than SEOMoz.org; stating their database is powered by Majestic SEO who has more indexed link data than Yahoo! or SEOMoz.org. Whoa! Hold on just a minute.

Maybe I’m way off here, but I actually sat next to Rand Fishkin at the SEOMoz booth at SMX Advanced earlier this year and watched Rand kick off a program that had some automated queries going on that actually caused the Google automated query warning blocking searches for up to 6 hours. Maybe I’m off, but in my opinion real-time data is a lot more efficient than database information.

But with a 7-Day Free Trial and all sorts of yummy videos, such as the one below, I had to try it out. My review can be summarized in one sentence: definitely a good keyword research tool, but still not simple enough for beginners or accurate enough with data. As always, it’s a terrific indicator of popularity, but I’m still not completely convinced that WordTracker’s new system is better than the real-time data and link text information I’m getting from my SEOMoz.org membership.

Sample WordTracker Video

See more videos on the new WordTracker on Vimeo or watch the SEOMoz.org product videos here. Hey for the record guys, I got FLAGGED in Vimeo for posting this type of content (wtf?); now I’m on Viddler and YouTube. What’s the deal?

Linkscape Video with Rand Fishkin

Let me know your thoughts after you do the trial. Post feedback after the trial and I’ll give you a complimentary SEO review of your website. It’s no SEM Strategic Plan like what I provide to my clients, but the data is definitely worth doing the WordTracker trial and sharing feedback.

Happy keyword researching! Oh, oh, oh….stay tuned for a review I’m working on for KeywordCompetitor.com that will really knock your socks off!

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