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by on 02/26/09 at 12:52 pm

We spent some time last night searching for a good Canonical Tag Plugin for WordPress and came across one that works fantastically, created by Joost de Falk. Here’s what this canonical tag geneator can do:

This nice piece of software can help eliminate duplicate content and may help simplify the process of getting the correct URL indexed. Thanks to the open-source community we now have a plugin for WordPress that creates canonical tags, which I was extremely close to scripting from scratch until I stumbled upon the URL in Google.

In case you haven’t seen one, here’s an example of the canonical tag in action:

< link rel="canonical" href="http://{yourwebsitehere}.com/category/page.html/"/ >

Had the above URL also contained a ?php=someThing at the end, there would be a chance that Google would pick up the wrong URL, leaving your good URL without PageRank (at least for a few days until you’ve paid a visit to Google Webmaster Tools and learned how use the URL Removal Tool ).

Without further delay, here is where you can download the canonical WordPress plugin to try on your website. Definitely keep us posted if you experience anything bizarre or out of the ordinary. Thank you again Joost de Falk for creating this WordPress SEO plugin to put on all of our pages.

Until next time!

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