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by on 02/04/09 at 4:57 am

Download PPC Web Spy FreeCancel your and accounts. We have discovered what we believe to be the best free keyword research tool on the market. It’s called PPC Web Spy and it blows away any other keyword research tool you have used or are currently using. Download it free from Brad’s website:

Download the Firefox Plugin Here

What’s great about this tool is the fact that it doesn’t require software or any type of membership; it’s a simple plugin for your web browser. Once installed, you simply visit, punch in your desired keywords and you’ll see a cool little button appear under each of the Sponsored Ads. When clicked, you’ll see a list of the keywords this competitor is buying, where they rank and how much they are spending for each search term.


You’ll also see a dropdown menu in Google and can enable this amazing free keyword research tool to display the destination URL of the ad. No more right-clicking titles and pasting/truncating URLs in the browser.

Check Out the Best Free Keyword Research Tool in Action

Check Out the Best Free Keyword Research Tool in Action

We have also been playing around with a new geographical keyword tool called Keyword Everywhere. Punch in your keyword and select a state or multiple states and this tool will automatically generate a list of geo-targeted search terms. Saves me a TON of time in Excel.

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