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SEO Tools

Keyword Competitor Review

Between Raven SEO tools, SpyFu, Keyword Spy, WordTracker, Market Samurai, Trillian Keyword Discovery and my personal favorite: Google’s own AdWords Keyword Tool, there are plenty of choices to consider when you’re thinking about which keyword research tool you want to trust with your SEO campaign. In the above video, I took a long hard look […]

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WordPress SEO Plug-in

After choosing WordPress as CMS for your blog or site, develop optimized pages with a plug-in specifically developed for search engine optimization purposes. This video shows just how you can use it.

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One Way Linking though Article Marketing

Learn the advantages of implementing an article marketing campaign to your blog or site as this video provides information on how it can help in reaching top spots in Google or any other search engines.

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Visual Search Engine on Apple iPhone

Search engine is not only limited to web surfing nowadays as there are visual searching available and the latest development is mobile searching using the Apple iPhone. With so many applications being developed on this smartphone, searching is taken a step further with mobile visual searching which is a challenge among SEO practitioners.

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Speeding Up Javascript

Optimizing a website with Javascript codes can be done easier with this video explaining ways on how to minimize heavy loading of a website even if has massive Javascript coding on it.

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Linkscape Vs the New WordTracker

It’s coming. The new WordTracker keyword research tool is being announced tomorrow, but the site is already live. I used WordTracker loyally back in 2005 and had dozens of saved projects in their system until Trillian came along with their KeywordDiscovery.com system that was just plain easier than anything else I had worked with (including […]

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Page Speed to Improve Website Performance

Discover the tool and strategies you need to employ for faster web performance and enhance faster loading among other common dilemmas in a website.

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Comparing webstores Amazon, Yahoo and Ebay

Learn the difference of three distinct e-commerce sites as this video explains the advantages and disadvantages  using each online web store.

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Web Analytics Approach

Avinash Kaushik talks points about effectively using and interpreting data on Google’s Web Analytics tool to maximize tracking of a website’s online impact and even revenue potential as well.

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Analyzing Visitors and Internal Site Search

Insights to how users actually interact with a website’s search capability including specific metrics found in Google’s web analytics tool and how to see beyond the percentage measures.

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