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OMS 2010: Day 1 Afternoon Keynote

by on 02/23/10 at 5:42 pm

Below are some highlights from the Online Marketing Summit afternoon keynote. Major brands sit on a panel, while we ask questions for drinks – NICE!


Keynote Panel: Big Brands and their Biggest Plans Yet!

Get the inside scoop on how the world’s biggest brands are driving success on the web. We put these brand marketers on the hot seat with YOUR tough questions. This is your chance to understand how the big boys leverage tens of millions of dollars for online marketing and what they have learned along the way.

  • Wendy Aldrich, Director Global Media, Disney
  • Brian Ellefritz, Sr Director, Web 2.0 Marketing, SAP
  • Liza Tewell, Online Editor, REI
  • Kevin Espinosa, eChannel Services, Caterpillar
  • Leslie Reiser, Program Director, Interactive Marketing, IBM
  • Brian Hovis, Online Advertising Manager, Intuit

Advice for Attendees

Panel recommends we think about things from beginning to end, consider social media marketing as part of the strategy, don’t overkill with the campaign by getting to complicated.

When you’re think about 2012, what are things we should be addressing?

  1. Marketing mix
  2. Tools (Atlas, social mapping, etc) – 2 votes for tools
  3. As we get bigger and bigger, how do we get smaller and smaller
  4. Mobile & geo-location – 2 votes
  5. Change management
  6. It’s about deconstructing older pieces that don’t integrate
  7. Video content


One solution to communicate is having experts offer tips and strategies via a social media branding initiative with blogging (two votes). Empowerment of local branches is also something big brands are doing to help with the geo-engagement. An inner-circle group was created to get direct feedback on beta testing (Intuit).

Social Media Trust?

SAP metrics program involves resources who site between the community and the business to play filter and to get an understanding of voice and feedback. Employees aren’t allowed to be involved in the communication, just SCM and the community. Intuit built the ability in TurboTax to connect with Facebook seeing great conversion from the links created through Facebook.

Community Feedback

Having as much opportunity for customers to interact helps develop an understanding at a high level of the community need. IBM does a lot of polling. Tagging content to understand what users are doing. 50 percent of the marketing team is online, but most of the budget is offline (Caterpillar), and are ONE team as of March 1st.

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