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Day 1: Marketplaces 2009

by on 07/05/09 at 11:16 pm

Our notes from the Marketplaces 2009, a Kelsey Group conference at the Hyatt Regency. They are very raw, but some good data from some big players in Local Online Advertising. Please note that I was writing this in real-time during the conference. I’ll eventually go back in and clean this post up a bit.

AutoTrader and NCI: Lessons From the Big Guns

Speaker Dan McCarthy, Chairman and CEO, NCI. Dan just mentioned that businesses would actually spending less on Local Advertising, which is interesting because we’ve noticed the opposite trend (at least online).

Dan says the challenge for the marketer is “where to spend my time or where the best place is to spend my money” with the broad distribution/options. The theme is that businesses appear to be spending less for local advertising, focusing budget on social media, email marketing, and Internet listing services rather than newspapers or offline advertising.

Where are real estate agents putting their money? 23% in agent website, 24% Internet marketing, specialty magazines 24, news papers 16, other media 13. [Real estate agencies] “are using social networks to actively drive leads.” “This requires them to build authority, personality and trust.” Users seem to like video more so than virtual tours.

Chip Perry, President and CEO, AutoTrader.com, says the business has been online only since the 90’s and has seen nothing but growth. “It’s fundamentally not a place for eCommerce.” Phone calls attribute to 78% of the contact the consumer and seller make online at AutoTrader.com; 22% is email.

Chip says users of AutoTrader.com spend up to an hour and 30 minutes on the website (on average). They are using a pay-for-placement approach using tiers of visibility. Dealer advertising spend is still highly newspapers (27%), yet 54% of those who go to a a dealership cite the Internet as their media source that got them there.

AutoTrader.com is implementing a strategy that provides a “profile page” or “listing experience” that is optimized for search. One business has seen a 20% increase in revenue during a market that’s down nearly 25%.

“The Path to the future is being a category leader and focus on having a rich user experience and appealing to the needs of the user.”

Kelsey’s Parade of Verticals

Tony Wills, Chief Revenue Officer, Dotmenu Inc.4284. Works with the restaurant vertical. CampusFood.com, Dotmenu.com. CampusFood.com (3.4% of all orders to the business) has created a Facebook application that ranks in the top 200 in Facebook apps, with over 150k users who must have a .edu domain to participate.

Dotmenu.com is a performance-only channel with trackable phone calls. Online ordering, trackable phone, ppc, cpm, prominent listings, video & SYNDICATED advertising, email campaigns, and dining certifications. Reporting is key with Dotmenu, and shows the business exactly how much revenue they helped produced through their medium.

Mike Rutz, VP, Health, Angie’s List. A membership site where people review service providers, which is really moving toward healthcare. I took at a page on their website and noticed something that I have to write a case study on later. See this link and let me know if you notice anything.

Dan Hobin, CEO, G5 Search Marketing focusing on self-storage facilities. They spend $1,500 to $3k/mo. Their clients are spending around $900/mo. G5 offers SEM, SEO, Local, and other Search. Dynamic call tracking used to test and report conversion. Coupons are also used to track keyword-searches (follow up to learn more on that system).

Dave Schappell, (@daveschappell on Twitter), TeachStreet.com.

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