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A Night with Help My Business Sucks Author, Andrew Lock

by on 08/07/08 at 11:58 am

I had the great pleasure of attending what I remember to be one of the most useful Internet Marketing lectures I’ve ever attended. I thought I was just attending the Orange County meetup of meetups, appropriately named the MEGA Meetup, which was held at the Kettering Center in Irvine. This was Dan Safkow’s baby, where he brought together half a dozen Orange County Meetup.com groups, including Michael Bank’s Orange County Business Networking group (OCEC) and Gerry Grant’s Orange County Marketing club.

So as I’m networking and enjoying some relatively familiar material on the subject of online marketing, Andrew Lock was introduced and turned the event into a “don’t miss it Internet Marketing workshop”. Lock is the creator of the top downloaded iTunes podcast Help My Business Sucks, a series built to help small businesses and entrepreneurs think out of the box and away from traditional marketing practices.

During this incredible presentation, Lock introduced several “can’t live without it” online marketing tools. Starting his presentation with a video intro to his podcast and a referral to the gentleman who did the voice over (John Melley), he explained that this level of media can cost less than $200.

It wasn’t just Lock’s English accent that held the crowd, it was the way he was able to articulate the value and ease of use with regards to the online resources he introduced us to. These tools included many of the following:


This site will save you thousands in hiring an expensive graphic, video, or website designer. Here’s how it works: You post a project (Contest) and dozens of designers submit their ideas. You choose the one you like and reward the winner.


This online file conversion tool offers users the ability to upload just about any type of file and convert it to a similar format. Even YouTube.com files can be converted to .mov (yes, this violates Google T&C and probably won’t be offering this particular conversion too much longer). Use it while you can.


A video search engine unlike any other. Blinkx actually has AI technology that interprets audio embedded within video and converts it to text and keywords. Essentially, you can find a video about Golf if someone in the video spoke the word golf. Amazing.


Simplified version of Camtasia, by the makers of Camtasia, offering a way to record desktop movies, upload them to Jing, to a website, or to a file within seconds. If you upload to Jing, they provide you with a URL (link) to the file (similar to how YouTube.com videos can be linked to) so that you can send the link to others via email for training, demonstration or for anything else. Absolutely brilliant tool.


Lock introduced a great way to organize projects and thoughts. A scaled down, online version of FreeMind or Mind Manager Pro, where you and collaborators can synergize and essentially brainstorm in real time. Cool stuff.


This unique plugin for Skype actually records the audio from a Skype call (set to 64 kbps for best quality), which can then be used and reused for FAQ, product support, training or just for general record keeping. Audio files can be emailed, uploaded to the web, uploaded to a blog, etc.


For some reason, I have never used this tool. I must have thought it had costs associated, well it doesn’t. TubeMogul is the first website you should visit after creating video content. The site actually allows you to upload and blast your video to a dozen video-sharing networks, including YouTube.com.


Now imagine having someone transcribe everything you (or your competitor) says in a video into text, for as little as .75 cents per minute. Most online videos are less than 5 minutes, so for less than a lunch you can have someone create some great unique content for your website. I’m never paying for content writing again.


Before you record with Pamela and go CastingWords.com, consider this wicked virtual secretary tool. Jott allows you to call in a message that then gets transcribed into text automatically! Call from your cellphone and have Jott automatically add the text to your blog while you’re on the road. Insane.


This PhotoShop plugin is a push-button solution for creating 300 dpi images for your ebook or offline advertising. For $97, the plugin purchase really seems like a nobrainer.


So long PowerPoint, hello SlideRocket, an interactive online presentation tool. “PowerPoint on steroids” as Lock refers to it. This tool can import and export PowerPoint presentations quickly and efficiently. Use this tool for your website or for a web-based training or sales presentation.


Commercials (yes, TV commercials) for $499. Choose from dozens of templates, add in your content and within no time you have your first television commercial broadcasted in open slots SpotRunner has priority to at a fraction of the cost. Use the videos for your website or for TubeMogul blasting to get instant visibility to your business.


You’ll never use traditional marketing or expensive videography, mind mapping, or secretarial services again. Andrew Lock has a step-by-step publication on how to implement the above resources as part of a strategic online marketing plan. Visit Microwave Marketing, to subscribe and get more fantastic online marketing advice from a true whiz kid Internet Marketer (Andrew Lock).

It was a pleasure meeting Andrew at the MEGA Meetup. Thank you Dan Safkow for hosting this unbelievable event. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us at the next event!

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