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Affiliate Summit East 2009 (ASE09)

by on 02/27/09 at 7:46 am

Affiliate Marketing is the new SEO for SEO Experts and the Affiliate Summit East 2009 (also referred to as ASE09) is where you can go to immerse yourself among affiliate giants! Why spend 160 hours per month for an employer when you could spend your time optimizing websites that put cash right into your bank account?

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Take for example the website we built in November of 2008 for Christmas. With over 300 registrations and several thousand clicks on Amazon.com affiliate ads, we essentially created our own Christmas bonuses. Do this every month and before long you’ll be able to fire your employer.

ASE09 is a great place to learn from the masters. Come learn how to get affiliate marketing revenue in your spare time or if you’re an advertiser, come meet vendors who can connect you with their network of affiliates who will sell your product for you!

Sign Up for ASE09

It’s only February at the time this post was written, which means you have over 5 months to pick up one of our SEO eBooks (see the links in the left margin) and start working on your Affiliate Marketing website.


Click Affiliate Summit to pre-register before the event sells out (and it will).

Location and Directions

Hilton New York
1335 Ave Americas
New York, NY 10019

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See you at ASE09!

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