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Viral Marketing Strategies
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Viral Marketing Strategies

by on 11/07/06 at 7:35 pm

I have a bad habit of repeating someone else’s information instead of spending more time thinking up my own brilliant philosophies on Search Marketing. The good news is that I only have this habit when I find the information to be useful.

It’s the web designer’s credo: “Why Reinvent the Wheel?”

Bruce Clay had an interesting post on SEO & Successful Viral Marketing that I thought you might find interesting.

While the strategy can be useful to a website owner familiar with SEO and SEM, I actually found the post extremely targeted and undefined. There was little to be said about what Viral Marketing is and how this specific strategy correlated directly to viral marketing.

Basically, in a discussion today with Jason Woodmansee, the following four viral strategy were presented:

1. Prepare the Field. Basically, pretend you are Google.com and leak news about the project you have in the works (like a teaser). This puts your name in the minds of your readers potentially making them more receptive to what you have to offer.

2. Let Consumers Do Your Marketing. Leveraged effectively, bloggers and media can get the word out about your project.

3. Get the Product in the Hand of Influencers. Use message boards and send consumers of your most prized demographic a sample of your product.

4. Start the Official Marketing Campaign. According to Woodmansee, the audience should already be waiting for the launch if you executed 1-3 above.

Seems like the perfect strategy right? Okay, what if you are in my audience? What if you are a small business and barely know how to get past checking email and your Webalizer report? How then would this strategy benefit you?

Here are the real obstacles for website owners when it comes to the viral campaign strategy above:

1. How would a business owner “leak out news”? Is there some master distribution list or do we have to spend 15 hours posting messages in what we consider to be popular blogs; and then do so in a way to not come off as spam.

2. Bloggers and Media. Hello? Same issue as #1. Include your list of who and where and I’ll accept #2.

3. I get three. For you to get three, just Google your product or service and include the search term “blog”.

4. Wishful thinking, but okay. If you really are a big name, like Bruce Clay, then this is probably accurate. If you’re a nobody, like myself, then anything I post will come off as spam no matter how I sugarcoat it.

Very interesting post with information that could be useful to you if you have a loyal client base that uses blogs and forums to stay abreast of your industry.

Unfortunately, for my clients this strategy can be reduced to: Send an email to your clients letting them know what’s coming, add a blog (or news) post to your website, then do it again once the project has launched.

Make sure you coordinate with me well in advance so I can optimize (apply SEO) any new pages you are posting to your website.

Questions? Comments?

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