Simple List Building Technique

by on 07/23/09 at 9:09 am

We just launched a new Free SEO Guide into the wild, and rather than just have it uncontrollably saturate the Internet, I created a control mechanism so that I can track how many downloads we received and offer up a few addition fields for those website owners who may want more SEO/SEM tips and techniques.

To promote the new guide I used the Social medium, specifically Twitter and LinkedIn (Answers). I also launched an email campaign from my own database. The result from this simple list building technique wasn’t bad at all. Take a look at the emails I received during the first two (late night) hours:

A Simple Listing Building Technique Via Aweber

So What is the List-Building Technique?

Here is the simple strategy I used:

  1. Create something new and engaging (like a free guide)
  2. Tell everyone you know all about it (email, blog, etc)
  3. Use Twitter and ask colleagues to “Re-Tweet”
  4. Ask a question in LinkedIn and a few other forums

That’s about it. Give it a shot and let us know your experience.

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