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Making a Splash with Local SEO

Here’s some exciting news about Local Splash, a local search engine optimization and marketing brand based in Fountain Valley, CA. A franchise association (AAFD) has partnered with Relevant Ads to provide search support to the association and optionally to it’s member base. This could mean Local Splash has grown out of it’s infant stage as […]

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What is Google Wave?

Watch the video above to learn about Google Wave. In a nutshell, Google Wave creates a platform that the following technologies sit on top of: Gmail Google Talk Google Docs Google Maps Twitter (or anything with API access) Surveys & Polls Blogging & Blog Commenting Take all of the above, mush them together, then drag […]

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We Found 90 Thousand PDF’s on SEO

That’s correct, 90 thousand PDF documents on the topic of Search Engine Optimization are all available for download, sorted by relevance. Want in? Just subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you the link: * indicates required Email Address *

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Google Adds Search Volume Trends to AdWords

Click to enlarge the image above and you’ll notice several new attributes Google has added to their AdWords Keyword Tool. The two new columns that stood out the most for me were: Search Volume Trends Highest Volume Occurred In Trend data showing up during keyword research will save many of us SEM’s a plethora of […]

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How President Obama Uses SEO

President Obama is no rookie to getting the most visibility from news, media and from the Internet, as proved through hundreds of syndicated videos, social networking and online advertisements. Possibly preempted by the legendary “miserable failure” Googlebombing that happened to former President George Bush or possibly because he simply has the right people in technology […]

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Our Response to the Yahoo!-Microsoft Deal

This morning the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! was all over the technology news portals. Nowhere near the gravity of the initial buyout proposal last year, this news should be seen as encouraging by the SEO’s of the world and below I’ll tell you why. Historically, Microsoft’s search technology, be it MSN, Live or Bing […]

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Simple List Building Technique

We just launched a new Free SEO Guide into the wild, and rather than just have it uncontrollably saturate the Internet, I created a control mechanism so that I can track how many downloads we received and offer up a few addition fields for those website owners who may want more SEO/SEM tips and techniques. […]

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Tips for Being a Vendor at SES San Jose

Skyline Exhibits recently shared these great tips via email. Considering many of us will be at Search Engine Strategies (San Jose or elsewhere) this year, I thought I’d share. What do you need to succeed at trade shows? If you can check these 16 points off your list, you’re well on your way: Align your […]

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How Skittles.com Doubled Their Traffic

It’s been a few months since Skittles.com borrowed the user interface of social networks Twitter.com and Facebook.com during a branding exercise in March of 2009. This bold move to drive eyes to Skittles.com involved a few weeks of replacing the typical content you’d see at Skittles.com with what appeared to be their hash # page […]

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Day 1: Marketplaces 2009

Our notes from the Marketplaces 2009, a Kelsey Group conference at the Hyatt Regency. They are very raw, but some good data from some big players in Local Online Advertising. Please note that I was writing this in real-time during the conference. I’ll eventually go back in and clean this post up a bit. AutoTrader […]

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