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Read notes From the Orange County SEO Meetup.com Group Here
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Orange County SEO Meetup

by on 05/24/09 at 1:50 am

We’d like to send a special thank you to all the members of the Orange County SEO Meetup.com group for attending last night. We had a fantastic turnout and everyone walked away with a stack of principle-based Internet Marketing strategies.

A Review of the Meetup

“Big Picture Internet Marketing”

We at SEOExpert.tv like to wish that SEO was the end-all solution to affordable Internet Marketing. But as most of you know, there are many other Internet Marketing tactics that push ads and branding in front of Internet users who are not specifically using the search engines to find what they are looking for.

During the Meetup on 5/22/09, we discussed SEM and other tactics IM’s use to optimize traffic. Working in groups, we came up with what we believe are the Top 5 Strategies for each major Internet marketing channel. Here’s what we came up with:

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Do extensive keyword research, using the Google Keyword Tool
  2. Have unique title tags and using title tag principles for each page and targeting different keyword theme on each.
  3. Use meta tags, especially the Meta Description tag and new tags Google will soon accept.
  4. Use heading tags that are semi-explicit and unique for each page. Don’t just copy the title tag.
  5. Acquire natural (White Hat) inbound links from websites linking to your competition and web pages on other 3rd party sites that relate as much as possible to corresponding content on the target website.

Pay Per Click Advertising

  1. Focus on Quality Score
  2. Use simple, tight ad groups with various match types
  3. Don’t lock crawlers and users into a squeeze page, at least link to the homepage
  4. Keep ads relevant to the corresponding keywords
  5. Keep landing pages relevant to the corresponding ads

Email Marketing

  1. Comply with the 2003 ICANN spam compliance by not buying lists from untrusted sources
  2. Frequent DirectMag.com for lead ideas
  3. Do data swaps with other companies in your industry
  4. Rent Opt-In email lists from reputable companies
  5. Optimize your subject line (use “FWD: Great Idea I Thought You’d Be Interested In”, etc)

Affiliate Marketing

  1. Own your own affiliate program IN ADDITION to using Affiliate Networks
  2. Give as much as you can afford to the affiliates
  3. Give bonuses to top performing affiliates.
  4. Optimize your landing page design and experiment using multi-variant testing
  5. Have a free offer or report as an option so if they don’t buy, you have an opt-in for later

Social Marketing Optimization (SMO)

  1. Use Twitter for research and personal branding, not to spam followers
  2. Video optimization and distribution can be huge for branding
  3. Facebook optimization: build a fan page and try their PPC platform
  4. Use questions on LinkedIn to create conversations and traffic to your blog
  5. Use social networking for branding, not to improve conversions or ROI

Action Items for the Next Meetup

Let’s get everyone’s Twitter IDs so we as a group can help promote each other and share Internet Marketing tips and strategies.

Our Twitter IDs

Join our Orange County SEO Meetup.com group here. Hope to see you at the next event!

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