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How Much Do SEO Services Cost? See How Inexpensive SEO Can Be Here.
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How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

by on 09/04/08 at 4:00 pm

I get asked this everyday. “Come on, give me a ballpark figure”. Determining the market rate for such a niche industry is enough work on it’s own, but now us SEO Experts have to figure out site by site how much to charge a client. Not an easy task, but I’ll tell you how we use to quote SEO costs:

First, take the template of the website. Is it XHTML/CSS-based or HTML/Table-based? It’s a real job to gut a website’s template, especially if there’s programming like ASP/PHP/AJAX to swim through. Then, add up how many pages exist on the website. I do this by going to Google and/or Yahoo! and querying “site:www.{sitename_here}.com. The search engines will tell me how many existing pages are on the website.

Here’s where it gets interesting. If we are quoting a simple, static website, the two factors above are usually enough for us to determine the time and effort required. A website that doesn’t need a new template and has less than 20 pages is going to be the least expensive to optimize, followed by the same type of website but with dozens or hundreds of pages, which will have to include the time it takes to transfer the content from the old template to the new (gets expensive).

Next comes the website that does need a template overhaul, but only has 20 or less pages. How much do SEO services cost on a website that has to be rebuilt? Well, if it’s static, probably several days longer than the website that has a nice CSS template, but not too much more in terms of cost. However, a static website with several dozen or several hundred pages of content that does require a template overhaul would cost significantly more.

So you’re the latter and you’re on a budget. What should you do? Well, the way I see it you have two options: Have the SEO Expert go ahead an make as many enhancements as possible without overhauling the template (so titles, meta tags, h1’s, h2’s, robots.txt, .htaccess, sitemap.html/.xml, etc) OR, option 2, create a new website for marketing and leave your legacy website as the corporate website. This last option will save you thousands in re-engineering work from your existing website and will give the SEO a clean slate to build off of, which I personally love.

If cleanup and hour-based optimization works with your budget, Relevant Ads has assembled some pretty fantastic plans at very reasonable prices. I was personally involved in the price discussion and still believe we are under-charging. I think you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive SEO costs can really be.

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Jan 2nd, 2010

That's new.I hadn't yet to think about the evidently simple ways a search engine like Google works. The matter is that Search Engines crawls your page numerous times, it takes a metric tonne of effort on your part in order to get a website to become relevent to the big G. This lends to my understanding of search engines!

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