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Matt Cutts Gives Link Building Advice

I remember a time when search sites were just directories that you had submit to for inclusion. As years past, search sites became search engines, and the race to rank was on. We JavaScripted our way to #1 with blank page packed with keywords and redirects until everyone was doing that, and then browser rendered […]

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OMS 2010: Day 1 Afternoon Keynote

Below are some highlights from the Online Marketing Summit afternoon keynote. Major brands sit on a panel, while we ask questions for drinks – NICE! Overview: Keynote Panel: Big Brands and their Biggest Plans Yet! Get the inside scoop on how the world’s biggest brands are driving success on the web. We put these brand […]

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OMS 2010: Integrated Marketing Strategy Case Study

Overview What is integrated marketing? Intregrated marketing encompasses both the ability to coordinate multiple channels and activities to drive a consistent brand and campaign message as well as the ability to pull together data from multiple sources and manage your marketing as one coordinated operation. The end result is better execution and better efficiency. Sean […]

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OMS 2010: SEO 2.0 Leadership Forum

Sitting in on the advanced tracks at the Online Marketing Summit. Rand Fishkin is moderating. Topic Overview World renowned SEO Author, Blogger and personality, Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz, will lead a panel of leaders in Search to uncover the cutting edge strategies and advanced tactics that will provide any search marketer the competitive advantage […]

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OMS 2010: Social Media Heavy Weights, Weigh In

We’re live-blogging today from the Online Marketing Summit, just grabbed some coffee and am sitting at a table near the front. Keynote speaker is late, so we’re getting an opening from Aaron Kahlow, CEO, Online Marketing Connect. He’s got a whole slide about himself (I think he might be stalling for the late keynote speaker). […]

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How Law Firms are Using SEO and SMO

In a recent attempt to make a dent a proactive ORM campaign, I got the legal slap and had to remove a website I was using to exploit what one law firm was doing to saturate search results with negative content about a particular college that I may or may not have graduated from. I’ve […]

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Is SEO Worth the Cost?

I get this question all the time. First the advertiser complains that natural search is suppose to not have a cost, that if they wanted to pay to advertise in Google, Yahoo!, Bing or Ask, they would use the CPC model. Then they see the costs from paid advertising after a year and come back […]

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Solv – a New Agency Featuring Aaron Irizarry

A good friend of ours just hit the freelance scene after a tour with a popular online marketing agency and has started his own freelance business, calling it: Solv. I first met Aaron Irizarry at the Local Search Summit at SES San Jose in mid-2009, speaking on the topic of digital media, Facebook and Twitter. […]

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Google Caffeine Update

More WebProNews Videos Thanks to Mike McDonald we’re privileged to have a video interview with Matt Cutts, Google Quality Engineer who indirectly shares 3 extremely valuable search engine optimization factors you should be aware of that could prevent loss of ranking with the upcoming Google Caffeine update. Mike asked Matt to put the algorithm change […]

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Optimizing Facebook Pages

Let’s talk about Facebook for a minute. Three years ago, we were customizing MySpace layouts and working with the Fox Network on CPA and CPC programs for MySpace and other social websites. Unless you’re in the music or sexy t-shirt industry, MySpace may not be the best social network to be advertising on. At the […]

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