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SEO Best Practices | SEOExpert.tv - Part 2
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SEO Best Practices

Organic Search Engine Optimization

You must be thinking “what the heck does organic have to do with SEO?”. The term organic (or natural) when it comes to search engine optimization refers to listings in the search results that nobody can control except for the search engine itself. With Local SEO, you can be the only provider in a given […]

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Google Local Listings for Multiple Cities

Our friends over at SearchEngineLand.com offered a great tutorial on how to get multiple listings and ranking within the 10-Box of the local search engine results as well as in Google Maps, Yahoo! Local and other local searches. The three principles to muliple local listings are simple: Get a physical address and (if applicable) phone […]

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Customize a Twitter Background

This is more of a Social Networking strategy than it is an SEO strategy. However, in the video I created to discuss How to Customize a Twitter Background, you will hear me mention how to find my website in Google’s search results. Those who test my claim will undoubtedly click my listing thereby increasing my […]

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Keyword Research Tools

There are dozen of tools for doing keyword research on the Web. Organizing your keywords as you’re doing research is the most important step to creating a great SEO or PPC campaign. In some cases, you may not want to choose typical industry keywords, as they may be extremely competitive and not very targeted. Traffic […]

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SEO & External Links

I had a client tell me today that a former SEO who had worked on his website insisted that linking to competitors would improve the client’s ranking in the search results. I was floored. Can you imagine Starbucks handing out coupons to the mom & pop coffee stand across the street? It would never happen. […]

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SEO Standards are Simple

We who call ourselves a “Search Engine Marketing Expert” have one thing in common: we keep things simple. With so much garbage out there and several thousands of newsletters, keeping the virtue of simplicity in our practice is actually the hardest part of the job. In a few short paragraphs I’ll show you “all you […]

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30-Minute SEO Techniques

Got a 30-minute lunch break and want to use some SEO techniques on your website? Here are a few SEO techniques that you can do usually in 30 minutes or less. There are presumably 261 working days per year, so depending on the amount of pages your website hosts, you should have plenty of time […]

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Pay to Play Directories

The days of free listings are over, with the exception of a few lingering heroes. Before you start putting $49 into listing on several thousand pay to play directories you should figure out if there are quantifiable impacts to your ROI. Read more below. Pay to Play and ROI If you’re new to the Internet […]

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Optimizing HTML

You’re not going to believe how the ‘Experts’ manipulate their HTML to increase their position in the search engine results pages (SERPS). This special technique has nothing to do with complicated code. In fact, your 3rd Grader in beginning HTML could probably do it for you. Read more below. It use to drive me nuts […]

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