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PPC Best Practices


If you found our SEO Blog, you probably know what PPC is (Pay-Per-Click Advertising). But what the heck is PPI? Pay-Per-Inclusion involves purchasing a listing, hopefully with a keyword-rich backlink, from a trusted web directory. When discussing B2B PPC or even B2B PPI, it’s difficult not to mention the largest business to business niche search […]

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The Ultimate AdWords Filter

Working the new Google AdWords interface has been a bit of a learning curve for many people, as compared to using the legacy version, with all sorts of dynamic Flash-driven functionality going on while you try to work within the browser. Today, I spent some time looking at the new filter functionality and created what […]

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Amazing PPC Tactics

We had the opportunity to attend SMX Advanced 2009 and this video and post to share with you from the Amazing PPC Tactics session in the paid search track. Below are notes from the session. Enjoy! Top Takeaways from Amazing PPC Tactics Dan Thies, Stompernet Dan Thies of Stompernet kicked off the round of insight […]

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Crash Course in PPC Optimization

Diving in to Pay-Per-Click Advertising Optimization can be as scary as jumping into a dark well. Allow us to shine some light on the topic to help you get going with your PPC campaigns. First off, you absolutely need to install the Conversion Tracking code provided by AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, Microsoft AdCenter, Business.com or […]

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Paid Search: PPC Advertising

So you’ve optimized your website for higher organic/natural search engine placement and have realized that it’s going to take awhile to see some traffic produced from the handful of keywords you are optimizing for. Hopefully your chosen SEO company set good expectations with you or right now you’re probably feeling a bit frustrated and maybe […]

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My List of Negative Keywords for PPC

Below you can get my popular list of negative keywords, also called negative search terms, used to improve your PPC campaign. This list may drastically improve your click-through rate (CTR), which in turn may improve your Adwords Quality Score or Yahoo! Quality Index significantly. Why is all that important? Having a better CTR and quality […]

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Google Tips for Optimizing PPC Spending

Google wants you succeed. They want to help you make the most from your organic and Sponsored Ads campaigns. Why? Two reasons: They have plenty of money and don’t need more of yours They want to return the best possible search results to their users Therefore, when Google releases tips on how to save money […]

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Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Samples

I had a heck of a time trying to hunt down this fantastic link to the Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Samples, so I figured it’s about time I add the link to my blog as a good reference point for discussions with clients on the value of PPC and PPA campaigns. Why Use Landing Pages? […]

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