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Affiliate Summit Keynote with Brian Clark

   Thanks to Shawn Collins for posting this keynote video at affiliatetip.com. I wasn’t able to go (again), so it was nice to be able to at least see some of the highlights. Check out the video above and visit affiliatetip.com to see more conference highlights from the Affiliate Summit West 2010.

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How Law Firms are Using SEO and SMO

In a recent attempt to make a dent a proactive ORM campaign, I got the legal slap and had to remove a website I was using to exploit what one law firm was doing to saturate search results with negative content about a particular college that I may or may not have graduated from. I’ve […]

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Review of YourNight.com

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you probably know that I’m a fan of social networking. As the social networks grow, they have all done their best from a retention standpoint by integrating with one another. In this post, I’m doing a review of YourNight.com, a new social network that not […]

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State of the Google Index 2009

It’s easy to get so caught up on the day to day routine of consulting, optimizing, analyzing, bidding, writing, and theming, that we often forget to keep up to date with what’s going on in search. I finally had an opportunity to watch the State of the Index video by Matt Cutts (above) and just […]

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SEO Website Review: CCWProShop.com

A special thanks to our friend Corey who reached out to us via Facebook for a complimentary SEO Website Review of his sunglasses website: www.ccwproshop.com. We found a number of opportunities, primarily with the ecommerce platform and using unique descriptions. We also mentioned the recent post by Chris Crum at WebProNews who discussed how to […]

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Conversions and Great Webinar Software

Big thanks to Local Splash who sponsored the first of many webinars we’ll be doing in 2010. Click the image above to watch the event as though you were attending. It was our first, so unfortunately the recording started a few minutes late. I will be talking more about conversions tomorrow at LocalSplash.com, since it’s […]

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Is SEO Worth the Cost?

I get this question all the time. First the advertiser complains that natural search is suppose to not have a cost, that if they wanted to pay to advertise in Google, Yahoo!, Bing or Ask, they would use the CPC model. Then they see the costs from paid advertising after a year and come back […]

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SES San Jose Interview

Above is a video of an interview from Search Engine Strategies in San Jose 2009. I attended SES West with the Local Splash team to help promote their new brand and local search engine optimization and marketing products. If you haven’t been to SES, I definitely recommend it. Go Platinum and get to all the […]

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Keyword Competitor Review

Between Raven SEO tools, SpyFu, Keyword Spy, WordTracker, Market Samurai, Trillian Keyword Discovery and my personal favorite: Google’s own AdWords Keyword Tool, there are plenty of choices to consider when you’re thinking about which keyword research tool you want to trust with your SEO campaign. In the above video, I took a long hard look […]

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Solv – a New Agency Featuring Aaron Irizarry

A good friend of ours just hit the freelance scene after a tour with a popular online marketing agency and has started his own freelance business, calling it: Solv. I first met Aaron Irizarry at the Local Search Summit at SES San Jose in mid-2009, speaking on the topic of digital media, Facebook and Twitter. […]

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