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matt cutts | SEOExpert.tv
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matt cutts

Tips for small business owners

Matt Cutts advises on how entrepreneurs can get their business going alongside commentary on online businesses in this video interview.

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Difference of footer and paragraph links

As the Google Link analysis continues to become more sophisticated, the changes in Footers and Links are also becoming apparent. As a result Google treats footers and links quite differently. It is essential for everyone to realize the importance of footer, links and their distinct characteristics. Links are basically distributed uniformly throughout the entire site. […]

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Getting Better Visibility on Google

Pointers on achieving visible spots in Google from Matt Cutts that includes having Adwords doesn’t mean the site is favored by the search engine.

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Common sense SEO Tips

Some initial SEO tactics that will let people know what your site is about includes figuring out what they are going to want to key in to find your site. Once you know what the users are keying in to reach you, use those keywords for your site. And make sure that there are plenty, […]

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Does Google Provide a Rank-Checking Service?

Matt Cutts discusses a question asked by Mark Lykle from Oslo, Norway” When will Google create a software similar to Web Position so that SEOs, spam fighters and regular webmasters can check rankings etc. without violating the guidelines? Why not make a better product instead of going to war against these programs?

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Can I Dissallow Crawling of CSS Files?

Matt Cutts discusses disallowing crawling of CSS and Javascript files…

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Canonical Tags

Matt Cutts discusses how canonical tags indexes site name…

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Importance of Heading Tags

Matt Cutts discusses the importance of heading tags…

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Improving CTR

Matt Cutts discusses tweaking titles and descriptions to improve click through rates…

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SEO and Duplicate Content

Matt Cutts shares a unique question about duplicate content…

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