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Get Trusted Links with B2B PPI + Great Conversion Rates with B2B PPC
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by on 11/03/09 at 1:11 am

If you found our SEO Blog, you probably know what PPC is (Pay-Per-Click Advertising). But what the heck is PPI? Pay-Per-Inclusion involves purchasing a listing, hopefully with a keyword-rich backlink, from a trusted web directory. When discussing B2B PPC or even B2B PPI, it’s difficult not to mention the largest business to business niche search engine: Business.com.

After a recent overhaul of their website and their B2B PPC ad platform, this B2B engine may be the sweet spot you’ve been looking for to get more B2B leads. I’ve personally worked with Business.com as an advertiser for over 3 years, experienced fantastic conversion rates and have even been a judge on their What Works for Business Contest, so I’m no newcomer to their business.

B2B PPI (Pay-Per-Inclusion)

As a fan and advocate of their business directory (a PageRank 6 I might add), when they announced a $50 savings on inclusion in their B2B directory, I had to share. B2B PPI is a great way to purchase trusted links from web and business directories such as Business.com. Here’s a link to the offer below:

Get Listed in the Top B2B Online Business Directory – Receive $50 Off!

B2B PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

I’m not the type to brag about something and not put my money where my mouth is. Take a look at the Google Analytics snippet below to see how my first week with Business.com B2B PPC went. You can image how the account looks now after several months of optimization.

Business.com B2B PPC Conversion Rate

So there’s yet another great offer available if you’re considering trying Business.com’s B2B pay-per-click advertising platform. They are giving away $100 in free clicks! Be sure to request an Account Manager after you have your account setup and ask for account optimization recommendations. If you’re only advertising in the U.S.A., be sure to let them know. The ad platform is outstanding, but there’s still a bit of hand-holding required to insure you get the highest quality of clicks. Here’s the link to the free $100:

Target High Quality B2B Leads – Get $100 in Free Clicks!

Sorry Omniture Search Center users, this vendor is not currently available in the list of integrated ad platforms, so be sure to raise a fuss with your Omniture rep so that we can get Business.com included.

Other B2B directories include B2BYellowpages.com and DirectoryB2B.com, both have lower PageRank than Business.com and don’t seem to be focused on helping B2B business owners the way Business.com does. Try their B2B PPI or their B2B PPC programs with the discounts above and share your results below.

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