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Do It Yourself SEO | SEOExpert.tv
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Do It Yourself SEO


If you found our SEO Blog, you probably know what PPC is (Pay-Per-Click Advertising). But what the heck is PPI? Pay-Per-Inclusion involves purchasing a listing, hopefully with a keyword-rich backlink, from a trusted web directory. When discussing B2B PPC or even B2B PPI, it’s difficult not to mention the largest business to business niche search […]

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SEO-Friendly Shopping Cart

This post was written for businesses who sell multiple products online. Our team of SEM Experts, has evaluated a number of SEO-friendly shopping cart solutions, including: SEO-Cart Ektron Volusion Site-Search-Architect Zen-Cart and many others We looked at criteria such as search engine-friendly URLs, integrated page-level best practices (titles, meta descriptions, headings, image nomenclature, file nomenclature, […]

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CrowdSpring.com Vs. 99Designs.com

Though we are best known for being SEO Experts, there’s a reality that exists in our world that even though we might be top notch Search Engine Optimization Experts, that alone doesn’t make us qualified Graphic Designers. Where to stellar SEO Experts go then to get best in class (Web 2.0, or Web 3.0 for […]

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The Best Delicious Bookmark Profile

You can see the theme behind everything we are doing here at SEOExpert.tv. Our goal is provide you with the best tools possible to achieve the greatest results. In doing so, we have constructed what we believe to be the Best Delicious Bookmark Profile page: http://delicious.com/seoexpert Expand the Tag Bundles to see how we have […]

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The Best SEO Toolbar

For years, I’ve used SEO toolbars made by developers such as SEOQuake, SEOpen, and others. I don’t always make it a habit to promote other SEO people in the same space that I’m in, however, Aaron Wall just came out with a stellar SEO Toolbar that you have to install in Firefox if you’re planning […]

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A Response to Matthew Foster

In a recent Q&A blast to get input on new website (www.seoexpert.tv), I received the following response to the question of “What would you like to see on my new website”: Matthew Foster wrote: I would like to see all ads which purport to sell software capable of doing seo removed. This is a scourge […]

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